Advance Basics

Advance is used for “all” Faculty and Non-Faculty Academic actions (WOS and Volunteer Clinical included)

What are actions?

Actions are the academic review that’s going to be processed

Different Actions in Advance:

  1. Appointment
  2. Appraisal
  3. Career Review
  4. Change in Series
  5. Five Year Review
  6. Merit
  7. Promotion

What am I able to do on my Advance account?

  • Candidate (Faculty & Academics): Are able to track/edit their own record.
  • Administrators can:
  • At the most basic level view all faculty and non-faculty academic records when permissioned (based on assignment of privileges)
  • Admin plus may view packets and CV (curriculum vitae) for faculty and non faculty academic for who they have access to
  • APA Departmental Role, Dean’s Office Role, VPAA (Vice Provost) Role:


Departmental Role:

  • Go-To person for faculty/academics in that department/division
  • Manages that packet process for that department
  • Creates Packets
  • Manages Reference Process
  • Manage Departmental packet review
  • Routes packets forward to Dean’s Office or laterally to other departments

Dean’s Office Role:

  • Go-To person for Department APA role
  • Manages packet process for Dean’s Office
  • Manages Dean’s Office review process
  • Routes packets back to Departmental, forward to VPAA or laterally to other schools
  • Create Chairs’ packets and manage the process for them
  • Records decision, when delegated

VPAA (Vice Provost) Role:

  • Go-To person for Dean’s Office APA role
  • Manage packet process within Vice Provost Office
  • Manages the review process
  • Routes packets back to Dean’s Office
  • Records Decision