For Candidates (Faculty & Academics)


Faculty and non-faculty academics may play several roles in the Advance system:

  • All faculty and non-faculty academics may be a candidate for an academic action.
  • Only faculty may request Academic Leave
  • Some faculty and non-faculty academics may be asked to provide References for candidates.
  • Some faculty and non-faculty academics may be asked to preview packets that are created to support an academic action.

Shown below are some slideshows and PowerPoint's to give you a better understanding of the process of Advance:

What is Advance?

General Overview of the Advance Application (5 min., 30 sec.)

What role does an APA play in Advance?

APA Introduction to Advance (9 min., 15 sec.)

What is 'The Eligibility List'?

The Eligibility List (5 min., 30 sec.)

Navigating and Interacting with Packets

Creating and Managing Packets (6 min., 30 sec.)

Understanding how the References work

The Reference Process (14 min.)

How does the routing process work?

The Routing Process (3 min., 45 sec.)

Who deals with packets? What are they able to do?

Packet Decision and Status (7 min.)

What am I able to do with Appointment?

Appointments (8 min., 30 sec.)

Additional Information:

Advance and the Electronic Packet, Campus Presentation, April 5, 2011(Powerpoint)

The Electronic Packet and the On-Line Review Process (Powerpoint)

The Electronic Packet After Departmental Review, June 2011 (Powerpoint)

Advance Technical Information (Link)