Candidate Management - Manage Packet Page

CANDIDATE MANAGEMENT -> ‘Manage Packet’ page

The Checklist displayed on the Packet page and on the Manage Packet page shows you the items that are typically required for a packet.

  • Each packet may require some or all of these items. Checklists for specific packet types are maintained on the Academic Affairs website; click here to go to that website.

Checklist: shows you when items have been added to a page, but cannot tell you whether everything necessary for the packet has been added to that page. It is the responsibility of the department’s Academic Personnel Analyst (APA) to ensure that a packet is complete before adding Reviewers, Committees, Chair, or routing the packet to the next level of review.

Notify Candidate: Sends an email to the candidate that the completed packet is available for his/her review before the packet is routed on to the next level of review. This is consistent with APM-220-80-e.

  • You must click the Notify Candidate button.
  • The packet will automatically route to the next level of review in seven calendar days.
  • You can route the packet before the seven-day period ends, if you receive notification from the candidate that he/she has completed review.

Route this Packet: section on the left, Academic Personnel Analysts can record where the packet is being reviewed by selecting the appropriate location from the dropdown list and clicking on the ‘Save’ button.

  • Packet Routing History will display under this section.

Decision for this Packet: section on the right, the Decision on the packet and Packet Status are recorded.

  • Notes field can be used to record additional information relevant to the Decision or Packet Status value. The Comment History will display these notes.
  • The Decision is recorded by the appropriate administrator on the Decision page.

NOTE: The Decision drop-down is available for paper packets. The Academic Personnel Analysts must record the decision for these packets.

To generate a Summary Sheet for the paper packet, click on Summary Sheet button.