Candidate Management - Manage Reference Page

The candidate must have a packet defined and referees added before referees can be contacted.

Follow this process to email referees to request reference for the candidate:

  1. Attach the candidate’s CV using the Attach Documents feature.
  2. Click Browse to locate the CV and upload it so it will be available to the referee.
  3. Preview the Teaching/Mentoring email and the Intra/Extramural email by clicking the icon next to the reference line. The wording appropriate to the action proposed in the packet is included in the email as well as the Chair signature entered on the Department Management page
  4. If you want to be copied on the email sent to the referee, click the Copy Email to Academic Personnel Analyst.
  5. Select referees to email by selecting the check box in the ‘Email’ column and clicking the ‘Email Selected Referee’ button.
  6. If some time has passed since you first emailed the referee, select referees to receive reminder emails by selecting the check box in the Reminder Email column and click the Send Reminder Email button.
  7. To view the reference that has been submitted by a referee, click on the date in the Received column. You can print the reference by clicking the Print Reference Letter button (you must print the responses for inclusion in the paper packet).
  8. To print the list of referees for inclusion in a paper packet, click on Reference Report button.