Candidate Management - Packet Definition page

Make sure the correct candidate name and UCSF ID number appear at the top of the page. If not, you can search by the candidate’s first and last names in the Search section on this page.

  • Look at each field on this page and make sure you have selected values that correctly define the packet.
  • You must enter a step for the proposed action.
  • To create the packet, click ‘Save’.
  • To cancel the packet before saving, navigate away from the page.
  • To create a second packet for a different action, click the add packet link to the right of the candidate’s name.
  • Action, Series, Rank, and Step are all drop down lists. Select the values that are appropriate for this packet.

The Proposed Appointment % field displays the candidate’s current payroll percentage of UCSF pay for his/her academic appointment.

- Do not change the percentage of time if this field is populated.

- You can enter the percentage of time for a proposed new hire; however, you should not enter a percentage more than what will be paid by UCSF in the applicable academic appointment.

For example:

If the candidate is 4/8ths UCSF and 4/8ths VA

  • Appointment percentage is 50;
  • If the candidate has a 30% staff appointment and a 70% academic appointment
  • Appointment percentage is 70.

Affiliate: Displays the names of the institutions affiliated with UCSF that are appropriate in the Faculty Information System. If the candidate has an affiliation with one of these institutions, select it from this list.

Acceleration/Deceleration: Used only when the candidate’s proposed action is not “on-time.” If applicable, select the years the action is accelerated or decelerated using the drop down list. Then choose a justification for the acceleration/deceleration.

Effective Date: Required field that will display the candidate’s next eligible “on-time” action date in Advance. You can enter or change the effective date for the proposed action.

Packet Deadline: The date your Department has defined as the due date for the packet. When establishing this date, you should consider the due dates for your Dean's Office and for the Vice Provost-Academic Affairs, and allow yourself plenty of time to meet these deadlines as well.

References Due: Display the date entered by you in the Department Management page. You can change the references due date for the proposed action. The data in this field will be included in emails to referees.

The New Hire Information Fields:

  • Present Institution
  • Title at Present Institution
  • Highest Degree
  • Year Earned
  • Institution are used only for new hires

Do not enter any information if the candidate has a record in Advance.

For example:
Present Institution: Stanford
Title at Present Institution: Senior Faculty Fellow
Highest Degree: PhD
Year Earned: 2008
Degree Institution: Harvard