Candidate Management - Profile Page



The Candidate’s Profile page contains information from the campus payroll system (PPS) as well as other information that you may enter depending upon your role. Employee Status, Date of Hire and Scale are extracted from PPS and if incorrect, changes must be made in PPS. Multiple Joint Departments may be specified by clicking on the "+" icon.

Year at Rank and Year at Step; can be modified by changing the Date Assigned Rank and Date Assigned Step fields

Fields maintained by Vice Provost of Academic Affairs Office:

  • Academic Appointment Date
  • Senate Appointment Date
  • 8 Year Review Date
  • 8 Year Review Comment
  • Appraisal Date
  • Search Number
  • Waiver Date

Academic Leave

The academic leave balance is displayed and adjustments (whole numbers only) with a reason can be entered in the boxes and saved. The Leave Credit Balance will be automatically incremented each quarter (up to a maximum of 40 credits) and adjusted when the academic returns from a leave period and files a final report that is approved and accepted by the Vice Provost.

Academic Leave History

Displays the leave record history of leaves beginning after September 2012.

Navigating through Candidate Mgmt Search (Guide)