Candidate Management - Reviewer List Page

Use this page to assign the packet to:

  • Reviewers
  • Review Committee members
  • Chairs
  • Deans
  • VPAA

When people are added to this page, the packet will appears on their ‘For Review’ page until the ‘Due Date’ passes.

  • The default ‘Due Date’ is seven days from the date the reviewer is assigned.
  • You can change the Due Date by entering a new date either using the number keys on your computer or by using the calendar.
  • The ‘Save’ button is to save changes you've made to the page (Due Dates or Delete).
  1. Click on the Add Reviewer button and search by name, series, or rank. Select appropriate reviewers from the returned records and click the Select button to assign the packet to the reviewer's For Review page.
  2. Click on Add Review Committee, and select the appropriate committee(s). Click Add to assign the packet to the members of the selected committees. If some members should not review the packet, delete them from the page after adding the committee.
  3. Click Add Chair to select the appropriate Chair to review the packet.
  4. Click Add Dean to select the appropriate Dean/Vice Dean/Associate Dean to review the packet.
  5. Click Add VPAA to select the Vice Provost/EVCP to review the packet.