Department Management Committee Page

Advance uses committees to facilitate the packet review process. You can create a Committee in Advance that is made up of members who meet regularly in your department, such as a Promotions Committee; or you can create a Committee who never meets, but is made up of a group of faculty who are regularly used to review specific types of packets.

For example:

You want to create a group of all Senate Faculty for specific types of packet review, or all HS Clinical Faculty for other types of packet review, or all teaching faculty or all non-faculty academics for other types of packet review.

The Committee module enables you to create a group of academics that can be assigned as a group for a packet rather than once at a time.

Create a Committee

Before creating a new committee: Review the list of committees to ensure that the one you want does not already exist; you will see all committees for all departments you have access to whether you created them or not.

Note: If the committee already exists, click the Manage Membership link to review the list of members to ensure that it is the committee you were looking for.

If you not Create a Committee:

  1. Click the Committee tab
  2. Click the Add Committee link to create a committee
  3. Type the name of the Committee, i.e., Anatomy Promotions Committee 2011-12
  4. Select a Department. This selection determines who can be on the committee and who has access to the committee: members must be in that department, and you can only see committees for departments that you have access to.
  5. Click Add to finalize the addition of the committee. Committees cannot be deleted, but can be modified.

Modify a Committee name

  1. Click on the committee name
  2. Modify that name in the section that opens above the list
  3. Click Save

Change the Committee membership

  1. Click on the Manage Membership link to the right of the committee name
  2. Use the search section to find new members
  3. Use the red X to the left of members names to delete them from the committee
  4. Click the Return to Committee List link in the lower left of the page to return to the committee list page