Department Management Page

The information on this page is used to populate text in the emails to referees.

Select an Academic Department from the dropdown.

If the Chair information for the Academic Department has already been entered, Chair ID, Name, Modified Name and Chair Email Signature, will show automatically and you do not need to continue.

If not:

  • You must enter the Chair’s UCSF ID. You can find the Chair’s UCSF ID in Advance, using the Search function.
  • The name field will display the Chair’s name as it appears in the payroll system. You cannot change the name here.

If you wish the Chair’s name to appear differently in the reference request email, you can change it here.

For example:

If the modified name displays: John Smith

You are able to change it to: John W. Smith, MD, PhD for the email.

You must enter the Reference Email Signature Block, including the Chair’s name, as you wish it to appear in the email.

For example:

Joseph Carlisle, MD, PhD
Professor and Chair
Jane Doe Endowed Chair in Astrology
Department of Astrology
University of California, San Francisco

Note: You may also include the Chair's mailing address, telephone contact numbers, and/or email address.

You must enter:

  • The date the reference(s) are due to the department.

-Date will show the References Due field in the Packet Definition page, and then in the email to the referee.

  • When you want to change the due date for a referee, you must change the date on the Packet Definition page.