How to Create the Chair Letter


At UCSF, appointment and advancement packets are created, reviewed, and routed within the Advance system. The Chair Letter is described in the UC Academic Personnel Manual (APM 220-80e) as the document that defines the departmental recommendation for the acceptability of the candidate’s request for the academic action. The Advance system allows multiple people to draft this letter, but it is up to the department Chair to certify the letter, making sure before certifying that the content of the letter accurately reflects the departmental recommendation.

Step by Step Process:

1. Log into Advance

2. Click the For Review tab

3. Click the name of the candidate to view that packet

4. Review the packet

5. Click the Chair Letter link to view the Chair Letter form

6. Scroll through the Chair to understand the expected content a. The Chair Letter should reflect the departmental assessment, not the Chair’s personal assessment of the candidate

7. Click radio buttons to record the departmental rating

8. Enter text as necessary in each of the text fields

9. Review the Vote tally, when applicable

10. Select a value for the Overall Department Assessment

11. If you have been requested to draft the chair letter, click the Save as Draft button a. Remember that the Candidate WILL see this letter, so be mindful of the letter’s content

12. If you are the Chair and you feel as though the letter is complete and accurately reflects the departmental recommendation, click the Certify button


Be sure that the letter is accurate BEFORE you click Certify; there is no do-over

  • When the Chair certifies the letter, a box opens at the bottom that allows a Joint Department Chair to apply a department recommendation and Certify as well
  • The APA will manage this process