How to Prepare Your Packet


At UCSF, appointment and advancement packets are created, reviewed, and routed within the Advance system.

As a candidate for an appointment or advancement action,

  • You will have a packet created for you by your Service Center AP generalist.
  • It is your responsibility to copy your My CV data into your packet, enter names of colleagues you would like the Chair to contact as professional references, and, in the event that you disagree with your departmental recommendation for your proposed action, that you may attach a personal statement in reaction to the Chair Letter.
  • You will need to access Advance through, and follow the step by step instructions below.


Step by Step Process:

1. Log into Advance

2. Click the My Packet tab

  • The packet is defined at the top of the page (to the right of the folder icon)
  • Packet pages are hyperlinks just below the folder icon
  • To switch between two (or more) packets in process, click the folder icon on the far right

3. Add Your CV

  • Click the CV link under the folder icon
  • Read the statement on the right side of the page (above the Copy CV button) and check the box indicating you understand the process
  • Click the Copy CV button to copy your My CV data into your packet

4. Add Referee names

  • Click the Referee List link under the folder icon
  • Click your mouse into the Name field and enter data
  • Click Save
5. Add Attachments
  • Email supporting documents to your AP generalist so she can add them to your packet
  • A Candidate can only attach a Personal Statement at the end of the departmental review process when the candidate disagrees with the departmental recommendation


In My CV, each line of data has a year associated with it; this year drives the filter in the Packet version of your CV; the filter can be used to view only those CV entries associated with the years under review

  • If you see data that is older than the filter you applied, you may need to update your My CV data and then copy a new version of your My CV into the packet
  • The CV you add to your packet is reviewed by Referees and all reviewers of the packet
  • You can update the CV in your packet up until the Chair certifies; but be mindful that after the review process begins, you will only want to do this upon request