How to Proxy


Granting Proxy access to your record enables another person to help you with your CV and your Packet by giving them access to your My CV and My Packet pages. When granting access, you can decide whether you want them to have the ability to edit the CV and My Packet data, or just to view the CV. They can never execute any certifications within My Packet.

Important points:

  • A Proxy has access to your Overview, Packet tracking, My CV, and My Packet pages
  • A Proxy who does not have another role in Advance (e.g., an administrative assistant who is NOT an AP generalist or Administrator) will NOT have access to your Salary page 
  • A Proxy does not have access to your Proxy or For Review pages

Step by Step Process:

1. Navigate to your Overview page

2. Click the Proxy tab

3. In the search bar, type in the last name of the person you want to add as a Proxy

4. Click Search

5. From the returned set of names, click on the one you want to give access to

6. On the returned Proxy Access List, select either Read, or Write

7. Click Save

Key Issues:

If you navigate away from the proxy page before saving, your proxy selections will not be saved

  • Granting Read only Proxy access gives the Proxy the right to view data, but not make changes
  • Granting Read/Write Proxy access gives the Proxy the right to modify data, but not execute any certifications within the packet