How To Review a Packet

Follow these steps to Review a Packet:

1. Log into Advance

2. Click the For Review tab

3. Click the name of the candidate to view that packet

4. Click CV to view the CV a. Use the filter at the top to view data relevant to the packet period

5. Click Attachments to view any attached documents

6. Click Teaching Evaluations to view any attached Teaching Evaluations

7. Click References to view the list of referees a. Click the date hyperlink in the View ref column to view the reference

8. Click Chair Letter to view the Chair Letter a. Only if asked to do so, draft the Chair Letter and click Save as Draft

9. Click the For Review tab to return to the For Review page

10.Click the Review complete checkbox for that packet, then click Save

  • That packet will move to the Review complete section of the page
  • Packets will be removed from the page when the Review Due date passes


At UCSF, appointment and advancement packets are created, reviewed, and routed within the Advance system. As a reviewer of packets, you will need to access Advance through, review the packet, and make your assessment of the packet known to the appropriate people – review committee chair, chair of the department, etc.


• Certain titles may not include a CV under the CV page, but may include the CV as an attachment:

- Volunteer Clinical, and other volunteer titles

- If you do not see any data within the CV page, check the Attachments page to see whether a CV has been included in the packet as an attachment

• Remember to save your changes when you draft the chair letter, or when you check the review complete check box

• Take notes as you review so you can raise issues you have found with the packet with your Chair or with your review committee chair