How to Share CV Data - Quick Start Guide for Faculty


Advance is a repository for your CV data. Although other campus entities may request access to data within Advance, information you enter into your CV in Advance will not be shared without your permission.

  • Through the Preferences page, you have the ability to allow access to data within sections of your CV. Examples of UCSF entities that may benefit from faculty CV data include departments (for websites), CTSI (for the Profiles application), and the Academic Senate (for its committee database).

Step by Step Process:

1. Log into Advance

2. Click the Prefs link in the upper right of the page

3. Click the checkbox next to Select all sections from all categories

4. De-select check boxes next to CV categories that you DO NOT want other systems to access

5. Click the Save button to save your changes


Requests from other campus entities for access to CV data are reviewed by the Advance steering committee to ensure that there is an appropriate business use for the data.

• Although Advance will not share data with entities outside of UCSF, once the data IS shared with a UCSF entity, there is no way that Advance can prevent that UCSF entity from sharing outside of UCSF. For example, websites that use Advance data may be available to users outside of UCSF.