How To Vote

Follow these steps on How To Vote:

1. Log into Advance

2. Click the For Review tab

Note: the drop down list in the Vote column on the far right

  • If there is no drop down list, you do not need to vote

3. Review the packet

  • Click the For Review tab return to the For Review page

4. Select your vote from the drop down list

5. Click Save to cast your vote


At UCSF, appointment and advancement packets are created, reviewed, and routed within the Advance system 

UC Senate Bylaw 55 defines the faculty vote 

  • Only Senate faculty can vote, and only at the Associate and Full ranks

Senate faculty series include Ladder Rank, Clinical X, and In Residence

  • Only packets within these senate series require a vote

Your department may ask for your opinion on other packets and may even ask that you cast a vote outside of Advance – this is considered “consultation.” The official vote required by Bylaw 55 will be executed within Advance. You will need to access Advance through, review the packet if you have not already done so, and record you vote on the For Review page.


  • Remember to Click Save after you select a value from the Vote drop down
  • The Vote drop down list will not appears for a packet until your APA starts the vote process