The Overview Page

The Overview page displays only those ACTIVE packets you have access to, based on the Department IDs in your security profile.

  • Take 5-10 second to load
  • Advance will remember the list of packet on the Overview Page
  • If you made changes click ‘Refresh Overview’ to see them

The Overview page displays:

The total number of packets on the page


Access the Leave Request page


Sort by each column (click any to sort)


Show search bar above the displayed packet


- Enter text in this box; use a space between words to pinpoint the packets

Note: The text you enter in this box will remain there until you change it

Download packets to Excel


Copy packets to the Clipboard


Generate the ‘Packet Review Report ‘ (located at the bottom left)


If user clicks on:
  • Name: drills down (goes) to the Profile page
  • Action: drills down (goes) to the Packet page
  • Location: drills down (goes) to the Manage Packet page
  • References: drills down (goes) to the Manage References page

To Create packets:

Create an on-time action (or a deceleration):

  • Click the Search hyperlink in the upper right to get to the Search page.
  • Use this page to find the person or people for whom you want to create packets.
  • From the Search Results, click on an action.
  • You will be redirected to the Packet page where you can:
  • Define and Save the packet for that person and that action.
  • Using this method, most of the required information will be displayed for you to confirm

Create any action:

  • Click the Candidate Management tab
  • Use the search feature there to find the person for whom you want to create a packet.
  • You will need to fill in all the information required to define a packet.