For Re-Hires

How to create an Appointment Packet for a Re‐Hire:

 Note: This process should be used for new appointees who have an existing record in Advance. They have a UCSF ID number but an OLPPS status of ‘Separated’. If they DO NOT have a record in Advance, use the process detailed in the document: How to create an Appointment packet – New Hire.

1. Log into Advance

2. Navigate to the Candidate Mgmt page

3. Enter the last name of the re‐hire into the search bar on the Candidate Mgmt page

4. Click Academic Search If you do not find the record:

a. Do I have access to the record (their last dept code is one I can view in Advance)?

  • NO: contact the APA in the department who does have access to the record and ask that they search for this person and save the profile with YOUR department so you then have access to the record.
  • YES: the record is not in Advance. Use the ACADAP process described in How to create an Appointment packet – New Hire If you find the record:

5. Select the re‐hire name from the resulting selection set

6. You are now on the re‐hire’s Profile page

a. Verify/change the Academic Department so it displays your department

b. Click Save if you’ve changed any values on this page

7. Navigate to the Packet page and enter Proposed:

a. Action (Appointment)

b. Series

c. Rank

d. Step

e. Appointment %

f. And enter the three dates at the bottom:

  • Effective Date
  • Packet Deadline
  • References Due

8. Click Save You now have an Advance record and packet for this re‐hire academic.

  • Use Advance to collect References, print a summary sheet to collect signatures, and use the Manage packet page to “route” the packet to the Dean’s Office.